Directly From the National President


Hello, My Name is Matrix, National President of the Rollin Knights MC and I would like to welcome you to the Rollin Knights Motorcycle Club website. Please relax, go through the site and see just what is going on in the RKMC world. We are a family of brothers and sisters, dedicated to serving our country and communities while pursuing the love, joy, and freedom of riding motorcycles. We welcome all riders, all styles, all bikes, all races. We dare to be different!!!!

Everyone is Welcome

We don’t have color lines so when we say EVERYONE is welcome. We mean EVERYONE. We always put our Family first, be it our own individual family or our MC family. We stick together. Wives and Girlfriends who don’t ride are part of our Supporter crew. We all know if your spouse or significant other is not happy nobody will be happy. We have Chapters all over Arizona and have several Chapters in other states across the country. We are constantly growing and looking for quality people. We are expanding into some different states.

Riders Plus

All of our members strive to be leaders in our communities and make a positive impact. We support our own communities through charitable service and contribution. Our goal is to enjoy fellowship and brotherhood through our common bond. On top of the charity rides, we also work with the community to give it a better outlook! We want to crush the negative stereotype most Mc’s have. We show love and respect for everyone. We treat all with mutual respect, kindness, and unconditional love. We embrace tolerance, acceptance, and understanding.

My Goal as National President

To follow the Core Values and Attributes of the Rollin Knights MC and Lead our Nation to become one of the greatest motorcycle clubs by encouraging diversity within our organization, by building strong and lasting friendships among members. Instilling a sense of love, pride, and togetherness within our community by helping those in need.

Core Values

  1. Family
  2. Career
  3. Club/ Brotherhood
    • Loyalty
    • Commitment
    • Integrity
    • Honor
    • Devotion
    • Strength

Love and Respect

Matrix, National President

Rollin Knights Motorcycle Club